Core Values

Live4Legacy is a non-profit organization creating a movement to inspire intentional living; leaving a legacy to family, community, and business.

It is based on the premise that all of us are God’s children and to that end, each of us has a calling on our lives. Finding our place (calling) in life requires being open to being led. It is based on the premise that none of us can survive in life alone and that there are certain principles, that if followed pay forward the gifts and blessings we are God-given. Romans 12:5 – In the same way even though we are many people, we are one body in Christ and the individual parts connected to each other.

We are born without an instruction manual. On the other hand, we all have similar tools. We come to this life with FAITH. Faith acts like glue. When we hear and see things in our lives and believe them, they stick in our minds.  In the beginning, it is our mothers and fathers that cultivate and promote the growth of our faith.

We also come with CURIOSITY. It is what causes each newborn child to move forward. Faith planted says, “I can,” curiosity says, “What’s out there?” And so we see little ones stick their noses, fingers, and sometimes tongues, into places and things, just to see what’s there. Curiosity drives us forward.

Then there is IMAGINATION. After the ‘glue’ of faith has accumulated a certain amount of beliefs and experiences, our minds begin to wonder, What if? What if I tried this? Or What if I tried that? Imagination requires thought. Thought requires enough curiosity and experience stuck to faith, for the mind to begin to ask deliberate questions of what might be next.

This is the beginning of intentional living.  As we grow and are properly guided, deliberate choices and experiences create a framework of stability. This nurtured growth is what Live4Legacy is all about. Teaching the value of intentional living and the personal rewards it brings.  Intentional living doesn’t just help individuals, but as it grows in a person, they in turn, influence others, who in turn influence others. The “…ripple effect is timeless….”

There is no magic.  Meaningful lives do not just happen.  They require thought.  This is what Live4Legacy is all about.

Prepare for Legacy Thinking


Living for something bigger than yourself

God has a purpose for all of us. We get there by being open to God revealing that purpose and then living intentionally to fulfill that purpose.



of hope & faith – Beginning with the end in mind.

God’s purpose in our life is being that best version of ourself. This is a core evolutionary goal for ourself. God will reveal as he sees fit in our life journey. God will reveal the legacy(s).


What do you want other people to know about your vision?

a. Let God provide your words …take no thought how or what you will speak, for it will give you in that very hour – Mat 10:19


Does it build life? Is it sustainable? Does anyone else in your community share a similar vision (build resources to help get your message out to community).

a. A wise man builds his hour upon a rock – Matt 7:24


a. Once you understand your potential legacy, focus…what matters most.
b. Does it fill a need?
c. Do you have a plan for assuming longevity of your vision.
d. What is your role and what contributions will you make?
– Family
– Work
– Community


nothing happens unless you prepare and then act

a. …you are neither hot or cold…so because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth – Rev 3:15,16
b. A Vision without the Courage to Act is a dream that fades in the night. 95% of great intentions and dreams are never pursued!

  • GOD Rewards ACTION!

c. Knowing how to “Focus”
d. What contributions will you make?

  • Family
  • Work
  • Community

e. What is my role?

Commit your works to the Lord, and they will be established – Pro 16:3.


(disciplines of Legacy thinking and execution)

  • Develop your WIGS (wildly important goals) as evolutionary goals
  • Pray and seek God’s will daily on those goals, as he matures your thoughts and intention to achieve those goals.
  • Be prepared for the “unguarded moments” God will place in your life.
  • Develop metrics to measure your progress.


Unguarded Moments

Maintaining a curious mind and being open to exploring different perspectives are essential for personal growth and development. By embracing this mindset, we become receptive to other people’s comments, thoughts, and views, allowing us to learn and broaden our horizons.

It’s fascinating how even the smallest changes in our thoughts or views can profoundly impact our life path. Reflecting on our journey, we often realize that someone’s seemingly modest or dramatic comments played a pivotal role in redirecting us toward positive outcomes. These moments of insight and redirection can lead us to new opportunities, experiences, and personal transformations.

By embracing unguarded moments and remaining open-minded, we create fertile ground for personal growth, discovery, and meaningful change in our lives.

  1. Faith & Hope
  2. Curiosity
  3. Imagination
  4. Intention (Requires thought from 2 & 3)
  5. Be prepared for unguarded moments – God’s Positioning System
  6. Build true, intentional long-term relationships.
  7. Show Responsibility

All starts with Faith and Hope. God Rewards Faith. Even appears to be separate from just being a Christian.